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Cut, bend, sketch, grind, squeeze, create…
So many things to do to make the world change in artistic way.

Art workshops

Art gives us unlimited possibilities in expressing ourselves and our sensitivity. Spread your wings and develop your imagination by taking part in workshops on the border between ecology and nature. We offer you classes in a ceramic workshop where unique ornaments or everyday items can be created from glass or clay. Use our easels to paint and feel like a real artists, for whom the surrounding nature is a source of inspiration. The youngest participants under the guidance of our educators will take part in workshops which will show them the charms of forest life by developing manual skills. Learning through fun and art will not let you get bored, thematically arranged interiors of our Center will stimulate your senses and curiosity.



Creative technics of painting and stamping

We invite you to the workshops at which creative painting and stamping techniques will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to perform their works of art using a variety of atypical items that will replace their brushes, for example, stoppers, bubble wrap, and other natural based such as leaves, fruits, vegetables, feathers or stones.


We would like to invite you to the classes on which the frotage technique will be presented. Participants of the course with charcoal, pencil or pastels will make wonderful works, prints of the textural surfaces such as wood rings, leaf veins, roughness of the stone or weave of the fabric.

Ceramic workshops

Ceramic art workshops provide truly unforgettable impressions. Participants will learn many different techniques of ceramic art like modeling, bouncing or decorating with plant textures. All that will finally succeed in creating under the supervision of an instructor, their own beautiful work.

Create your own herbarium

We invite you to a workshop that will help to develop sensitivity and artistic view of the world. During the classes, participants will perform various types of herbariums, including collages of dried leaves, herbs and flowers, but also learn the basics of drawing and painting with watercolors.