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Find, change, compose, make, bake, cook …
Not only for chefs, the treasures of the forest can taste great.

Culinary Workshops

A professionally equipped catering studio is a place where the gifts of the forest, fields and meadows can be turned into delicious cuisine located in the heart of the Wolski Forest. Soup of nettles and sorrel or spring salad of youth from plants such as goutweed, yarrow or herbs straight from permaculture discounts are just examples of healthy, green cuisine. At our culinary workshops you will feel like a professional chef with well-equipped restaurant facilities at your disposal. Maybe you will awake your passion for cooking or growing herbs in your own home or garden. Have fun with flavours and experiment, cooking can be a great adventure expanding green horizons. We invite you to take advantage of the offer of our culinary workshops.



Taste of forest in a jar

We invite you to classes during which we will teach you to recognize edible plants that grow on fields, meadows and forests. Workshop participants will be able to prepare various types of meals or preserves from forestry gifts, including mushrooms, pine cones or other forest fruits.

WARNING! Due to the current sanitary regime, cooking workshops are currently not available in our offer.