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Day room

Visiting our permanent exhibition is a remarkable encounter with the forest and its inhabitants. The common beech tree will tell you it’s story, and after that you certainly won’t want to call it ‘common.’ Do you know what trees talk about…? Be careful, because there are plenty of forest secrets to discover. We’ll share everything we know about the place we call home.

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 For kids and adults, the beech will be an unparalleled guide along the forest paths and across its many levels.

With great pleasure, the owl, the tree frog, and I will take the youngest children up through the trees.

We know the forest like the back of our hand. So, you can be sure that with us you’ll learn more about it than ever before, with each walk an opportunity to make new discoveries. With us you’ll see, touch, and experience everything that is our everyday life, everything that escapes your eyes as you walk.

Do you know that plants and animals also have their own Internet? Which one of us is the tidiest? We’ll let you in on our secrets, so you’ll always see the forest as a fascinating place which never stops pulsing – even at night. We have a surprise waiting for you – we’ll be visiting places you can’t see on a regular walk along a forest path. With our help, at the Symbiosis Centre, you’ll learn about the forest from a completely different perspective. We’re convinced that you’ll want to head off into the forest on your own to check up on everything you’ve learned.

Our exhibition isn’t one where you’ll be wandering around, looking at everything from a distance. We invite you to explore with us, to see and experience with all your senses. Stop, listen, and see how much you can understand when you look at the world from another perspective… from our perspective.

Night room

The sun hides behind the horizon, it’s dark, our daily activities and obligations come to an end. We’re glad to lay down our heads to rest. That is, cities rest.

Is forest life governed by the same laws? In the Centre’s night room, you’ll find that in this sense, the forest ecosystem functions around-the-clock. The forest never sleeps. When some of its inhabitants to go bed, others begin an intense period of activity.
We invite you to an amazing adventure to engage your senses. At night, your eyes are no longer your most important source for learning about the environment.

WARNING! Due to the prevailing sanitary regime, visiting the night room is currently not available in our offer.

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Our nocturnal forest friends will show you that nature doesn’t, and that so much happens around us after dark. A world of mysteries awaits you as you learn about the fascinating night-time habits of forest creatures.
Do you hear the rustling of the trees and the hooting of the owls? Or, maybe you see a bright pair of eyes carefully penetrating their surroundings? Do you know which forest animals can move in complete darkness? Your curiosity and attentiveness will guide you through the ‘forest paths at night.’ A unique, night-time adventure will teach you to trust your other senses, and the forest will never sound the same again – even during the day.

Listen to the trees rustle when it’s dark. The tree frog will tell you everything you need to know about our walk in the Tickets and Reservations tabs.

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