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Welcome to the SYMBIOSIS Ecological Education Centre. You’re probably wondering why your hosts are a badger, an owl, and a tree frog. We live in this forest, and we’d like to tell you about our world. And there’s definitely something to tell you, because the forest isn’t just a collection of trees growing next to each other. This is where our whole life is, the place whose secrets we’ll try to share with you, because we want our worlds to understand each other better. Each one of us can say something different about the life of the forest. 

The owl – which flies – can see things which I cannot, and the green tree frog can tell you about the places the badger and the owl can’t visit. That’s why we’re here together, and that’s why we want to invite you on an adventure. That’s what we like most. Instead of books, notebooks and backpacks, you’ll only need your eyes, ears, nose, and hands. That’s how we experience the forest, and we want to teach you about it, too. Here, something’s happening at every step, you just have to be able to see it, and that’s where your senses come in. After all, the rustling of the trees isn’t just a sound. Each forest has its own unique story passed down from generation to generation. With great pleasure, we’ll tell you about our forest world, where everything has its purpose and nothing happens without a reason.

Our life isn’t always easy and simple, but we depend on each other, and that means we each have a place here. We love this place, and we’d very much like for you to love it too. We guarantee good fun and a great atmosphere, thanks to which our shared experience of forest life will be an unforgettable encounter with nature.