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In our space there are also workshops inspired by nature.

Ceramic workshop

The Symbiosis Ecological Education Centre has a professional ceramic workshop equipped with a ceramic furnace and a glass furnace which uses the fusing method. An extraordinary adventure with glass and clay awaits you at eight different stations. Nature has always been a favourite topic for artists. The forest and its life offer inexhaustible amount of inspiration that you’ll certainly use during unique workshops on the borders of ecology, nature, and art. Learn more about what we offer.

Culinary studio

For our Centre’s hosts the badger, the owl, and the tree frog, the forest is both home and an unlimited source of food. People have always drawn from its resources. We associate delicious blueberries, fragrant wild strawberries, or autumn mushrooms with the forest right away. Do you know that the forest is home to a whole range of plants that can be used to make salads or beverages? You’ll get to know the foods of the forest in our well-equipped culinary studio, where you’ll feel like a real restaurant chef. During workshops, there are 6 positions at your disposal, each equipped with professional cooking equipment. An amazing culinary adventure awaits you!

Hall of fields and meadows

The permanent exhibition revealing the secrets of forest life and the mysterious night room that engages all your senses isn’t everything we have prepared for you. You’ll find out about it by taking part in various ecological and natural workshops in our “Hall of fields and meadows.” An interestingly-arranged workshop room offers activities that will extend your knowledge about the ecosystems of Polish landscape parks and the patchwork of fields and meadows characteristic of the Polish landscape. Various art, painting, and technical workshops inspired by nature will bring you closer to the beauty of the world around us, where the concept of symbiosis is the key to finding the perfect balance between the achievements of our civilisation and living with respect for the beauty of nature around us. Its laws and principles – developed over millions of years of evolution – are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a life in which everything has its own order.