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Take your time and relax

The forest is a place we love – that’s why there are many attractions which will help you experience the uniqueness of this place. Wolski Forest is an important spot on the map of Krakow, and we believe that it will delight you with its charm at any time of the year. To tired walkers, we offer lounge chairs, which you can borrow free of charge at our reception desk. Dreamers can rock themselves on our hammocks.

You can borrow from us without the charge:

lounge chair


painting easel


Field game

The meadow is also waiting to be discovered. A well-prepared field game will show you that there’s fascinating life everywhere in the forest. You’ll be surprised how much the ‘silence’ of the forest conceals. Find more information on the educational board located on the meadow, or download materials in electronic form – exercise your senses and discover.

We hope that your stay with us will inspire you to commune with the forest and take independent trips, which – thanks to your mindfulness and openness to contact with nature – will each be unique. That’s why we prepared a small introduction.

Don’t wait – download our field games and maps of the forest paths that are waiting for you. Yes, it’s just for you – there are no two identical people, that’s why your perspective on the forest and its life will be unique.