Welcome to Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej SYMBIOZA in Wolski Forest.

Summer with ‘Symbiosis’


As early as June 20, on Saturday at the Symbiosis Ecological Education Center we will inaugurate Summer with ‘Symbiosis’ – an action aimed at inviting small and large residents of Krakow to joint forest fun. The theme of each Saturday will be a different plant.

We will be waiting for you from 10 am to 5.30 pm.

Instead of having breakfast at home, take it with you to the Wolski Forest, to start with your family on a blanket in beautiful nature.

Don’t forget your favorite book and relax on a sun lounger or hammock rented from us.

In the meantime, we invite you to participate in numerous activities we have prepared – in the program, among others: family workshops in outdoor ceramics, zero waste workshops, DIY corner and forest walks.

One of our attractions is guided tours of the permanent exhibitions in the Center building and forest walks, also in English – let your foreign friends know!

Wolski Forest is a great place to organize outdoor painting sessions – we invite everyone who wants to take advantage of the option of lending easels and freeing their artistic and natural soul.

For the more active, field games have also been prepared.

It sounds interesting?

Registration has already begun – due to the current sanitary regime, the number of places is limited.

Reservations for this coming Saturday (27.06) can be made at this link.

Please follow our page on Facebook, where you will find the latest information from the life of CEE ‘Symbiosis’.

See you soon!