Look at the world from a new perspective.

The new perspective helps understand.



– Can you describe a forest in two words …?
– I’ll use three!
– I’m listening…?
– Can’t do it

– That’s why we’re here – a tree frog, an owl, and me We’ll tell you about ourselves, and it’ll be a story about our whole life. When you visit the forest – walking, collecting mushrooms, or resting in the shade on a hot summer’s day – we sometimes have the chance to observe you. 

Do you know why?

– We’ve noticed that our worlds are very similar to each other. So, we’ll understand each other well, because just like where you live, our forest life is a network of connections that we need to know to make our lives better.

– That’s why we’re sure to be friends. We’ll show you the secrets of the natural world, because each friendship starts with getting to know someone. We’ll stimulate you with sights, sounds, and smells that you can start your adventure with an open mind.
Forest paths will never seem the same to you. 

May this journey result in friendship that connects our worlds.


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