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Natural forest walk

Summer in the city can be tiring – hot, stuffy and noisy. That is why we invite you to take a break to the Symbiosis Ecological Education Center, to the Wolski Forest. Come with us for a fascinating discovery of nature. We will follow in the footsteps of the badger – the night inhabitant of the forest, together with the tree frog we will learn about the forest undergrowth and the owl will show us the crowns of trees in which he lives. You will also learn what “dead wood” is which is full of life. With us you will be able to actively relax, “recharge your batteries” and experience a wonderful adventure exploring the secrets of nature of the Wolski Forest and not only.

Zero waste workshops

Expand your creativity. Various art and art workshops inspired by nature will bring you closer to the beauty of the world around us. The concept of symbiosis is the key word to find a golden mean between the achievements of our civilization and life respecting the beauty of the nature around us. Her laws and principles developed over millions of years of evolution are an endless source of inspiration for a life in which everything has its order.

Family ceramic workshop

Communing with nature, and more specifically with clay and its unusual properties, has become even simpler. In our ceramic workshop we offer you thematic workshops, and the first suggestion for creative spending of free time is related to ferns. Thanks to them, there will be an opportunity to tell a fascinating story about leaves, whose texture and shape from a closer perspective can amaze in a thousand ways. Together, clay will bring out the true beauty from them, which we hope will stay with you forever. The workshop includes molding in clay and is dedicated to people starting their adventure with ceramics! Do not wait any longer is your first step into the world of nature made of clay.