For English Speakers

The permanent exhibition of our Center can be explored with an audio guide. We have prepared five scenarios for you – three stories narrated by a badger, a tawny owl, and a tree frog, and two stories narrated by the trees that live in symbiosis with us – beech trees. All of them depict the life of the forest throughout the day.

The stories of the badger, owl, and tree frog are intended for families with younger children, while the stories of the beech trees are designed for teenagers and adults. You will be able to discover our forest world at your own pace – you can spend as much time as you want at each point of your journey. However, please note that the entire tour is scheduled for 45 minutes.

So, get to know the life of the forest from a different perspective. The stories woven by our characters will allow you to see the forest through their eyes.

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Grafika przedstawiająca borsuka z lornetką w otoczeniu trawy oraz grzybka, na beżowym tle

Enjoy the forest with the badger.

It’s me – the badger. Normally, at this time, I would be in the underground apartment with my entire family. But I’ll make an exception for you and be your guide through the lowest layer of the forest, revealing its secrets to you. Despite the prevailing darkness, there is a lot of life here, and all its inhabitants are extraordinary.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to join me on this journey, I have so many things to tell you.

But first, listen to a fragment of my story.

Enjoy the forest with the tree frog.

I am the tree frog, and today I will whisper stories to your ear about how the forest looks from the perspective of such a small creature like me. During the day, I usually bask on the leaves of shrubs and trees, so I have a good sense of what’s happening in the forest and know all its secrets.

If you want to listen to what I have to say, join me on this exploration. Embark on a forest adventure together with me.

But first, listen to a fragment of my story.

Grafika przedstawiająca rzekotkę z lornetką w otoczeniu liścia paproci, czerwonych grzybów i szarego podestu
Grafika przedstawiająca puszczyka na gałązce z lornetką w otoczeniu krzewów i zielonego okregu

Enjoy the forest with the tawny owl.

I move silently, so you won’t hear the flutter of my wings, but you can listen to my story. I am the tawny owl, and on a daily basis, I reside in the highest and inaccessible part of the forest, high above its paths and trails. The treetops are my kingdom. This is where my family’s home is. With me, you will detach from the ground and discover the many surprising things happening up here.

So, I come and join me – it’s time to fly high!

But first, listen to a fragment of my story.

The beech tree talks about its life

In the forest, everything follows a natural rhythm. Every tree, even the largest one, had its beginning in the leaf litter. Each one was once a seed that fell from a tree, carried by the wind or transported in the beak of a jay. The uniqueness of trees and their fascinating lives will be told by none other than the tree itself: a beech tree from the Wolski Forest.

The story it tells will help you understand not only the structure of a beech tree but also how this extraordinary organism functions, while also prompting reflection on how much of the tree is… within ourselves.

But first, listen to a fragment of my story.

The beech tree talks about the forest

If we wanted to reconstruct the history of the forest, it would be best to talk to the trees. They hold the stories of this ecosystem’s life. It turns out that not everything has been said yet, and many stories are still waiting for their teller.

Join me in the mysterious and seemingly inaccessible world of forest relationships, which, as you will discover, function very similarly to your own. You will encounter here motherly love and care as well as fierce competition, friendly gestures, secret pacts, and jostling for position.

But first, listen to a fragment of my story.